manufacturing of hydraulic presses

For our clients, more than 50 years of history are the best guarantee for product safety and consequently the basis for undisputed business success.

Owners and employees are constantly working to improve the quality of the machines produced and the degree of customer satisfaction.

Production includes hydraulic presses for polishing soles and insoles, plating and printing machines for printing, plating (polishing) and cutting leather and synthetic products.

Over the past 20 years, the following have been added to the production range: thermoforming units for E.V.A. and polyethylene, hydraulic presses for vulcanization and hydraulic presses suitable for the automotive sector.

Thanks to an ever-renewed system of studies, continuous research of new materials, meticulous evaluation of the quality / price ratio and ten years of proprietary experience coupled with absolute availability responding to customer's requests, RFS CO.MEC's products are today known and appreciated both in Italy and throughout the world.

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